Course Description:

                Curriculum 2558: This course will examine selected topics in modern technologies in the field of information systems. This course is conducted weekly.

Data is the new oil. Data is the underlying drivers of the knowledge economy. This class is an introduction to the practice of Data Science, and you will learn both the foundational knowledge and practice skills about data collection, representation, storage, retrieval, management, analysis, and visualization. In addition, you will learn the impact of business analytics and Big Data on business performance. Big Data become the norm in modern business environments, there is a growing demand for individuals who are able to make decisions and derive meaningful insight for large-scale, heterogeneous data. This requires a diverse mix of skills, from data munging and ETL; to distributed storage and computing; to machine learning and econometrics; to effective visualization and communication.

This course provides and overview of several key concepts, skills, and technologies used by practicing data scientists. The course helps you to combine hands-on exercises, technical skills, statistical skills, analytical thinking and business acumen.